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Sumi no kaori (The Smell of Japanese Ink)




As with the last two exhibitions I thought that I would use an image taken from the viewpoint of the anime trade, I was going to depict a girl being squashed by a row of otaku, using a monotone of black and white and entitling it ‘Stable Rate of Black’. However, I could not get the layout to come together and in the end I gave up, but I liked the idea of using only black and white so taking advantage of the subtle charm of analog drawing I decided to try the traditional brush and ink style.
To be quite honest, as you can see from the result, I was not completely successful.
I drew a total of nine pictures, experimenting with different papers. Unlike gasenshi paper, that is designed for brush and ink painting, modern paper absorbs too much water and the strong blacks I had hoped for became grays, it was a miscalculation that shows my lack of skill, but it was good experience. I could not achieve the colors I hoped for, but it was exciting to create variations of tone using a single brushstroke as well as discovering the unexpected blurring and feeling of depth created by the ink soaking into the paper.
And the smell. After having spent 20 minutes grinding the ink, the room became filled with its scent.
This is something that would never happen with digital drawing.

Also, painting it by hand allowed me to use familiar old techniques such as spattering.

Ahh...and to think that I had promised myself that I would never paint a kimono for the Eshi 100 exhibition...
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