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Kurenai otome (Girl in Red)


I have taken part in the ‘Eshi 100’ exhibition since its inception and already it is in its third year.
For the first exhibition I drew the image of a woman ninja, in the second I combined a fox mask with elements of fantasy, so this time I have chosen to draw an ordinary girl against a background of maple leaves. The reason is that when I thought about this year’s theme, ‘a Japanese scene’, the image of a young girl standing among the maple trees flashed across my mind. Of course, in the picture I visualized the red maple leaves falling around her endlessly, so I made a visual snapshot of the scene and recreated it here. I will be very happy if all of you who see this work will feel as if you are looking at the profile of a real girl standing amid the bright red falling leaves...(^^)
seifuku tsukasa_jun

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