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yuuki tsukasa

Yozakura gekka (Nighttime Cherry Blossom in the Moonliaht)



How do you do, my name is yuuki tsukasa.
Thank you for inviting me to take part in a major event like the ‘Eshi 100’ exhibition.
When I thought about what to draw I decided that I would use the things that I like best: first, I decided to use spring as the theme with falling petals of the cherry blossom, then it being Japan, it needed a kimono. A shrine maiden would be good... but that alone still left something to be desired, I wanted a variant on the Japanese scene and decided to add a demon in full armor.
The various ideas grew until they crystallized in this picture...in the end it included a non-human character.

I hope that the people who see this picture will give some thought to the relationship between the two people depicted here and their background.
My personal view is that the shrine maiden is the younger sister of the armored figure.
horns miko sword tsukasa_yuuki

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well it seems that no one will be taking advantage of that miko when she's out walking at night