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Meisho tokyo hyakkei, Bijo nyuyoku no zu (One Hundred Famous Views of Tokyo — Picture of Bathing Beauty)

The theme for the exhibition is ‘a Japanese scene’ and when I think about Japan the first thing that comes to mind is beautiful women in hot springs! I made up my mind to use this motif without a moment's hesitation. However, simply a picture of a woman in a hot spring is somewhat lacking in interest, and I was struggling to think of something else to add when I happened to see UTAGAWA Hiroshige’s ‘One Hundred Famous Views of Edo: Mannenbashi’, which showed a turtle hanging from a string. It was erotic, it was what I was looking for and with no further ado, I completed the picture you can see here. Mt. Fuji, a hot spring, the Sky Tree building, cherry blossom, sake; I added lots of Japanese elements. And then there is the turtle—ahh...what eroticism. It is probably a descendant of one of the turtles set free from Mannenbashi Bridge that has come back to show its gratitude.
ass bathing naked tsuji_santa

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Looks like that turtle is going to plug into someplace.