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Fuyu no hokuriku, tojinbo (Winter in Tojinbo, Hokuriku)


Tojinbo in Fukui Prefecture’s Echizen Kagakaigan National Park is a place of rare scenic beauty. The vertical, column-like cliffs are a beautiful tourist attraction.
Legend has it that it was named after a corrupt priest, called Tojinbo, who was thrown from these cliffs as punishment for his crimes.
There are probably a lot of people who know it as a popular place to commit suicide.
My grandparents lived nearby so it was a custom for us to go and visit every year during my childhood.
The Hokuriku region is famous in winter for its crabs so I drew this picture of Tojinbo (who for some reason has become a woman) eating crabs as she is reincarnated.
I chose winter because ‘Tojinbo Surrounded by Nomura's Jellyfish in Summer’ would not make such a good subject.
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such elaborate work to put the note, I appreciate it :3