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mai nanaca

Horohorosakura ten yori koboruru (Falling Cherry Blossom, Spilling Down from Heaven)






How do you do? My name is mai nanaca.

The theme this year is ‘the four seasons’.
I named this work in homage to a haiku poem by MASAOKA Shiki: ‘Spilling from heaven, One following another, The cherry blossom’ but using a free style.
...I was sure that she wrote a poem like this, but no matter how long I googled it, I could not find it so I am no longer confident.

Err...recently the popularity of the manga, Chihayafuru, has led to a renewed interest in Japanese poetry, such as haiku or tanka, which incorporate expressions of the scenery of the four season’s within a short verse.

Words change with times and many of these old poems are now incomprehensible unless you have a dictionary to hand, but I think that our hearts, which allow us to recognize beautiful things as being beautiful, remains unchanged in both past and present. I will be delighted if you can feel this in my work.

To change the subject, I was a member of the poetry card club at junior and senior high school, so I am delighted to see more people interested in the subject as a result of the heroine ‘Chihaya’ in the manga I mentioned earlier.
Poetry card games are fun! Please try them.
nanaca_mai seifuku

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