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Yumehito Ueda

Meguru yume (Revolving Dreams)







It is said that there are a lot of Japanese who name the colorful four seasons as being the best thing about Japan.
I think it is true that when we look back over our daily lives or the things that we recall over the course of a long life, it will include the colors of the seasons.

Cherry blossom and entering school or starting something new.

Fireworks or the sound of insects and the excitement of a festival in our hometown.

The color of the maple leaves and = the sorrow of parting or a feeling of sadness.

White snow that covers the harsh winter landscape and the turning point of the year.

Just as we are conscious of the fall during spring or look forward to winter during summer, we are always dreaming about the revolving seasons.
kimono ueda_yumehito

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Take the Japanese spelling accuracy in the commentary notes with a grain of salt; was using ocr. All English parts should be correct though. Even that silly equals sign.