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Yoruuguisu miko zakura (Nightingale, Shrine Maiden and Cherry Blossom)


The subject was ‘the four seasons of Japan’ so I chose my personal favorite from among spring, summer, autumn, winter, which is spring. When we think of spring, the first things to come to mind are cherry blossom, nightingales and the fact that it is the first of the four seasons. The image of cherry blossom at night and a nightingale, is quite fantastic and I think very interesting, so I chose to use this in my work. I like all the seasons a lot and found it difficult to choose which to use, but I think that this illustration, combining a bishojo (beautiful young girl), night cherry blossom, and nightingales, add a magic feel to the Japanese seasons and I hope you like it.
kamitsurugi_ouka miko

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