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Beni to ao (Red and Blue)



I was walking through a bamboo grove at Daitokuji in Kyoto when I thought of producing a work that stressed the strong contrast between a maple and the bamboo. Therefore, this picture should really have been entitled, 'Red and Green’,in other words, the subject is the ‘red’ of the maple leaves and the 'green' of the bamboo.
However, when I came to draw it, I found that just the blue-black of the girl’s hair and the red of the maple leaves created a sufficiently flamboyant effect, so I did not use the contrast of the two colors after all. As a result I gave up on the bamboo and just used the blue-black of the girl’s hair and maple leaves, giving it the title ‘Red and Blue’.

I only applied a sense of depth to the figure of the naked girl, using minimal shading and relying on color alone to make her stand out. This is easy to say but difficult to do and I found it very hard to get the desired result.
breasts no_bra nopan sca-ji undressing yukata

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