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20012 Nen toronotabi (20012 A Lantern Journey)


In the old days people used to float lanterns down the rivers but this was not good for the environment so for about the last 10,500 years they have been floated out into space instead. The spirits of the dead float along the Milky Way and return to the sea of stars. Today it is rare to find somebody who was actually born on Earth so most people do not think of the Earth's oceans as being a place to which they should return.
This year the ceremony is to be performed in the skies over Earth for a change. We found an Earth-born shrine maiden and our preparations are all complete. Furthermore, we have prepared special seats for all of you who are reading this. Please step this way. It is a truly special seat for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I have no idea why, but human souls have been clinging to Earth for 18,000 years and now is our chance to release them back to space. By so doing we will be able to cleanse mother Earth of its impurity and allow mother Earth to finally be reborn.
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