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"The Moon..."

I raise my head and look up into the sky.
Through the Lagrange Point I see the Earth.
Bathing in the moon light, I can feel the pulse of the Krypton Stone.
It's a full moon night.
I get off the bed in a hurry and run to the window.
Clank! Something dropped near my feet with a solid sound.

"This is...Mom's sword."

An ElanBlade now in the size of a cutter knife.
I brought it all the way from the other world.
The most importing inheritance from my mother.

"ElanBlade, my honey~~~"

As I whispered, the cutter size sword turned into a full size shining light blade.
Even in the other world it listens to my voice.
(and so!)

I open the window, and hold up the huge Krypton Stone to the sky.
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can someone translate this >.>?
I have ever want to leave a comment to this picture 12 days ago, but when I raise up my hand to the keyboard, I forgot how to type.