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whahaha nice pic XD

omg really wtf r they doing...
they're doing military's salute....
"Ok everyone, our task today is to make a better looking salute than the one we currently have..."
Offisers comment from left to right:
"Your a soldier!!! No sexy poses, AGAIN!!!
Do a salute without asking for money, AGAIN!!!
Are you trying to seduce someone? AGAIN!!!
Dont make our army look like idots and why the left hand? AGAIN!!
Do you have a broken heart? AGAIN!!!
Are you a goddess? AGAIN!!!
Of all the people i was hoping to be serious... AGAIN!!!
I'm just gonna call you the IDIOT TRIO... AGAIN!!!
Every one doesnt fit the picture, DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!!
And these guys are the best? I guess life is more fun with idiots around."