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milumon said:
...too dark
Are you using auto contrast?
no, probably over highlight caused this, have to kill bleed through. (seems o.k on my monitor.
Maybe your monitor is too light w.
Honestly though it's barely okay, the blacks in your posts are typically borderline extreme.
The problem is that illustrations rarely use pure black anywhere. The dengeki hime logo should be a good spot for that tool though.
oh...then that's the problem, as milumon said, i pick the black point in the name tag(just the left down in this pic and the white point in the same name tag. I assume they are the pure black and pure white.
Midtones end up too dark then it seems. I have no idea of an accurate method to fix that.
exactly, probably I just pick up white point in the name tag, and leave the black point there, then that's would be ok (pick up white point is necessary to remove bleed through
I simply set black point using histogram, put to somewhere where it won't clip any blacks. For example:
contrast is off, mostly. Sadly there's a medium to how you wanna filter them out. Too much and detail is loss and overfiltered. Too little and you simply leave scanning artifacts, unfiltered details and noise remaining.

as long as there isn't printing error such as color mistakes, the paper isn't crap and your eyes have good color recognition. I use the paper copy to compare the results. (oh yeah, decent monitor too :P )
We aren't talking about filtering or artifacts...
in most of cases never try to find a pure black on a printing.. it doesn't exist due to print technique limit.