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published on wonder some pics' styles are a little different.
Only a period of two years can change the style so obviously.
Not to mention the book's illusts are up to 3 years older than the book itself; it's a collection of images used on K-books products released between 2009-2011.

Btw I already pre-ordered Heroines Best 5 if you don't want to debind your own copy.
no, I haven't ordered the book. Umm, look at the samples, this would be a worthy purchase.
Should I try to track down 1-3 when I'm in Tokyo next month?
Probably not worth it, those books and their illusts are ancient, like, pre-2005 lol.
Pool #983 has up to 2009 stuff.
I have #3 and even for its publish date the artwork in it looks dated. It went on my list of things I'm tempted to sell while I was organizing recently.