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partial_scan private_garden tsurusaki_takahiro

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-________- can someone merge all pics into one when all the parts are uploaded?
I can do it. But how to upload?
lionsgate said:
I can do it. But how to upload?
Topleft of the site, click the tiny pink box to the right of the pink "posts" link. And make sure you use the 2184px width larger versions instead of the 1500px samples.
im curious to see how you fixed it without the missing parts
well lionsgate says he can do it, im curious to see how he's gonna fixed it without the missing parts....
Here it is...

LOL just kidding.
Back on the topic, so uh... it's been 10 days, has he finished fixing it?
I bet he hasn't even started and doesn't plan to ever.
That's sad. Artists should really start considering selling their original pngs online or something... Their merchandise won't sell less because of that.
I think the source is private so this picture actually only sample......not scanned from actual product