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Trap tag added
Artist: まんごープリン = Mango Pudding?
donicila: Please tag based on text..
nisnegativeone said:
there is not could be?
Maybe he/she is tucking really really well?

alfredman said:
Nice hips for a trap *_*
I concur :)
EDIT: Well, assuming that this IS a trap. Otherwise... nice hips for a... girl?
If you played the game, he's a trap.
poehalcho said:
definitely not a trap...
hips, and you can totally see a little bit of cleavage.
more importantly though, look at the other posts in the noblesse_of_rouge category. Same girl on a bed and getting it from behind =_=. I'm removing the trap tag...
That one is mistagged and is his sister.
Right other character, the sister has more cleavage.
However I have to agree about the hips, those are not the hips of a guy but rather of a girl. Therefore I'd say this picture is badly drawn.