dress hong_yun_ji witch

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eh 2 points..
one is the girl looks like Nanali(code geass)
one is that....don't you think her legs are little...em hairy?
I think the girl has a hirsutism and she forgot to paste depilatory creams on legs in morning.
What the hell are you talking about?
That's fur. And for this kind of setting it's not uncommon. I like it.
Is that against the rules here or something? She looked human enough.
Ah I see so even if she looked human the fur on her legs was enough. Should have waxed I guess lol.
datavore said:
Should have waxed I guess lol.
lol, sorry I had to laugh. Makes me want to see the pic, but your comment should be good enough XD
I can't believe this was deleted. That's not a furry, it's just a drawing style! I'm going to undelete until we have a proper discussion.
she is just one of those pale elves, you know ... the typical adventure party: a human, a dwarf and an elf