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guro naked nipples tagme thighhighs

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WTF did I just watch?! You must be joking, right?
What the fuck... Needs tags, i think that i had blacklisted this type of things D:
Aww ... this makes me wanna cry! :(
抱歉小弟愚昧 想請教這圖是想表達什麼?
Radioactive said:
Changed to guro as it's not what I class as extreme_content
It's funny that you mentioned that, I was on the fence about which one it might be. Looking at the descriptions on the associated wiki pages I felt it was more extreme_content than guro.
lolol I guess a hand job is out of the question. xD
I don't like this kind of images except this one,it remands me of Aphrodite of Melos.I believe the artist is tring to pay tribute to the great Greek sculptors.But he deleted his account in Pixiv.
Not sure If I'm grossed out or turned on. A weird mix of both I guess
a bit sad from the hand and leash but otherwise quite a nice job
They seem pretty happy to me ... A disability shouldn't be something you should turn your eyes on, it's something you should embrace