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cleavage feet headphones inui_azusa mikoshi_matsuri minato_carnival no_bra thighhighs tsujidou-san_no_jun'ai_road wallpaper

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Everyone can add new tags.

And if a tag is unused (means count = 0) for a while it will be removed from the list by system automatically.
Someone probably copied them off danboruu on a post and weren't removed fast enough.

Also, nice wallpaper.
I don't think those are supposed to be there.

Seen the habit of people tagging like it's on danbooru.
nail_polish? seriously? are we danboruu 3 now?
I vote no for nail_polish.
VorpalNeko said:
I vote no for nail_polish.
Add one more to that
poehalcho said:
Oh sweet, then I'll probably go on a nail_polish tagging spree sometime soon :P
That wasn't permission to add a new tag. Please start a forum thread if you think it's a justified new tag.

For now I've removed all instances of the tag.
poehalcho said:
oh sorry :<
I feel so guilty now D:
All new tags need to be maintained which is why we need a forum request.