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k-on! k10k megane nakano_azusa pantsu shimapan thighhighs

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whtie pantyhose is such a rare source.....
I love her pure white candy legs! I quite don't understand why white pantyhose is so rare in both real and anime world, all girls wear stocking or black pantyhose anywhere makes my eyes sick. And so many people(men) can't identify their difference, they even never know that pantyhose can be white.
White pantyhose... gets 'dirty' easily. Any stain that's there is immediately apparent.
Yeah, but unless you're talking about winter-weight tights or sweater tights, they're basically disposable articles of clothing anyway. I haven't had a pair of lightweight tights last more than a months' worth of wear. I'd probably wear my white tights more if I had more pairs of them.