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kantai_collection pantsu rensouhou-chan shimakaze_(kancolle) thighhighs thong urara_(smileclover)

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Remember to paste the direct link to the image on the source field. Not the artist adress, not the image adress.

From howto:artist_db:
When you browse pixiv and click on thumbnails, you will be led to the page with the medium-sized sample, which you click on to get to the page with the full-sized image.

- You should always enter the direct image link ( http://img11.pixiv.net/img/sayorichan/3982125.jpg ), NOT the page with the medium sample in the source box when you upload something you downloaded from pixiv.
If you use Firefox, you can right click on the sample image or thumbnail, click "copy image location" and paste into the source box. Delete the "_m" or "_s" at the end before saving. You can save more time by not opening the full size image.