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arisue_tsukasa bikini chimaro cleavage karumaruka_circle kousaka_yukiha saga_planets sasakura_mirai swimsuits

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Sure, that kousaka is illustrated by chimaro? Because I don't see the artist getting any credit for this title. And the other one is just a guest illustration, isn't it?

sasakura mirai illustrated by arisue tsukasa, not hontani kanae.
In case this is true, then I apologize. But checking getchu & official website, this artist isn't given any credit either (just hontani kanae, toranosuke & SD illustrator). Is it usual to overlook certain members of the staff?
There is Arisue tsukasa's website.
Check job history.
PCゲーム「カルマルカ*サークル」(SAGA PLANETS) - 原画一部/笹倉未来,南々見,亮兄・CG
And check japanese text in post #273940
Is it usual to overlook certain members of the staff?
Yes, if they staff members are in charge of sub character then that.