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well, this is something new
Hitomaru must have some psychiatric disorder. Maybe he's on drugs or something. Wtf. It's even more scarying to think there are people who actually like this lol
You seemed more then happy to tag these scans...? You should blacklist the artist.
He paints very well, I try learning something with him... It's a pity he draws mostly bad stuff. I really wish that wouldn't happen. (but I didn't like his lineart this time, I think it's getting worse.)
And well, since I knew the artist, I thought I could be useful tagging it...
comeone guys... who doesn't love a good mindfuck?
prodigallink said:
comeone guys... who doesn't love a good mindfuck?
Meth is a hell of a drug.
I actually like this
You guys really need to learn to appreciate the different things in life and if it doesn't tickle your fancy just leave it be and go on to the next post ....
Oh.. so this is what "mindf*ck" means.