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The original color is better.
fireattack said:
The original color is better.
Only used auto contrast with 16bit.
in this case used auto contrast.
but your favorite...

If you want, do it yourself.
You're always complaining.
This Oshiki's original color is more accurate, and therefore "auto contrast" ruined it. The mitha one is a different case: the original color apparently has white level/black level issues, and then "auto contrast" can make it better.

I complain because if someone uploaded a "fix" - no matter how the quality is like - it prevents other ppl to do it (with a better version) again (the most common case is jpeg_fix). And these unnecessary color adjust just harmed your own hard work imo.

Anyway next time I won't complain anymore, sorry if it makes your feel bad.
Or put another way, color is totally subjective so a common goal for fixing images should be to preserve the illustrator's intentions, unless there is something specifically wrong with the levels because of a scanning issue.

Rather than use auto contrast you can pull up the manual level control and look at the histogram to see if the image really has a contrast issue or not. Unless you see the graph bottom out significantly before 0 or 255 then there is usually no need to do anything with the contrast.

I have a neat contrast trick (learned from the adobe help forum of all places) which works much better than the auto contrast function. I use it on images that I'm tweaking for my personal collection, but it isn't something I would use on an image intended to be uploaded and shared because I'm altering the image to my personal taste at that point.