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ass breast_grab kotegawa_yui megane momioka_risa naked nipples pussy run_elsie_jewelria sairenji_haruna sawada_mio to_love_ru to_love_ru_darkness yabuki_kentarou yamaiwa_shuuhai yuuki_rito

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Thought i saw some magical hand grabbing some boobs. Such optical illusion.
assfish said:
That lucky bastard
Yeah, but I expect that it's the kind of lucky that most guys would actually consider hell if it happened to them. With that many girls after him, there's pretty much no way that he could handle them all. So, it would be both heaven and hell.
male protagonist on harem hentai usually have unlimited **********
I can see more possible heroines. Especially the one on his left leg has caught my eye already a cuple of times. She's sadly only a classmate without name or personality but I would like to see more of her.