crease fixme mecha_musume screening zeco

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nice pic
whats the name of the manga
It has had 1.5 years to get tagged with copyright, since it hasn't it obviously has none and is simply out of an art book.
It does bring up a good point. What is the tag mecha_musume used for? There is no reference I can find in the wiki.
I looked it up on Urban Dictionary when I made the comment.
The term "mecha musume" was first used for a series of figurines produced by the japanese company Konami. The figures personified old military vehicles, such as tanks and planes, as cute girls. It's not used to refer to a general art style in which the features of historical military warcraft, or more fanciful science fiction mecha designs. The term means, literally, "mecha girls."
It's not cyborg (where the machine is styled similar to the body), its literally parts of their body are machine styled. At least as far as I can work out from this and the images.
They are some where between machine and anthropomorphization.
I'll raise this in the tag thread in the forum.