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ass breasts garter garter_belt lingerie loli maid megane naruko_hanaharu nipples no_bra nopan open_shirt pantsu shimapan shoujo_material stockings string_panties thighhighs topless undressing yuri

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I think this image is the #1 reason to buy a widescreen LCD monitor.
So how do I get invited to this birthday party, well worth the price admission of a good present. Nice find by the way
This is the hottest thing I have ever seen in this three months.
Ryoko; How can I be a girl in a party like this????
Ryoko said:
Ryoko; How can I be a girl in a party like this????
Why not be a boy = =
Ryoko said:
Ryoko; How can I be a girl in a party like this????
<--- Be a girl =D
midzki said:
<--- Be a girl =D
Aha, seems you have a thing for that particular girl as well, ne? :D She's been in my regular wallpaper rotation for quite some time ^^
nice Party I hope my party also will be so great today
I'm right there as boy or girl.... why not?
The maids clean up after, right?
searched up scores, and what do you know, this is the top image i found. (coincidentally, the current score(147) is also my bus#) why would you not want to not be boy whom wants to be a girl who will become 4 years later? >.<

So congrats to dovac!!!

yay to the other top 2 as well!!!
This is from Shoujo Material H-manga... Love this!
Amazing image!
One of the best I've ever seen in here. LOVE IT!
I'm going nuts they are all so sexy I can't figure out whitch one is my fav ahahhhhhXD
LOL Midki. That was an insane number of tags. Good thing you deleted them. I was about to. That was just so many that I find it hilarious. Just plain overboard.
I thought why this image have many artist's names.
bear cake tea waki .. (゚∀゚)アヒャ アヒャヒャ
I love Naruko Hanaharu's work! It's amazing!