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(All the orders described down are from left to right)
  • The first one's sleep face is normal and calm, she has some dependency and dream some safty thing. She's the only long hair character in three of them, maybe she dreamed about a boyfriend and pretend the second one is him, also she might fall into a deep sleep period which has no dream, like the computer is powered off.
  • The second one is looking up and struggling because the first one and the third one is squezzing her, especially the first one, the head sticked the neck would makes her feel uncomfortable, so she probably has some nightmare (according to the time outside window, maybe duskmare?), such as falling into quicksand, falling into ooze, or some bad guy is holding her down and do bad stuff to her body. She has the most posibilty to wake up in the first time.
  • The third one has the biggest mouth which looks like she's excalming, perhaps she dreamed some adventure and saw something huge and excellent, or she's just hungry and dreamed many delicious foods, but there's no drooling so it's not sure.
  • Reference on the conclusion above all, their S and M structures should be this: S 2-3-1 M.
Shh, don't make any noise to them.