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armor fate/prototype fate/stay_night nakahara saber_(fate/prototype) sajou_manaka type-moon

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Saber is the guy. This is Prototype ... which I think is the Third Holy Grail War? ... I don't know. But they're working hard on this crap so you know what they're going to do. VN, game, anime, figmas, etc.
This is Fate/Prototype, the "original FSN story", which is saber's master is a girl and saber is male. This picture is about the last holy grail war in the story which is the forth one, and the little girl in the pic is the elder sister of saber's current master, who is also saber's master in the forth holy grail war.
Looks like Fate Extra's Gawain (or whatever that guy is called)
这就是 saber 最初的原型。。