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Another show blatantly pandered to pedophiles.
NoZaku said:
Another show blatantly pandered to pedophiles.
Don't want to start a pointless argument here but it's not as pandering as it looks, they advertise that way for obvious reasons though. However, the term "pedophile" to describe lolicon is a bit like saying that enjoying violence in anime makes you are a carnage lover irl.
And the show is one of the least "pandering" shows this season, with almost zero fanservice, but I guess some people are fucking stupid enough to run their mouth before knowing the first thing.
I don't get the complaints about "pandering." Following the same logic: Dexter "panders" to murderers. Breaking Bad "panders" to meth producers and dealers. `Bad-cop` and some crime procedural shows "pander" to vigilantes. Why is "pandering" to murderers and drug dealers okay?

Honestly, I'll take a light-hearted show about a little girl that wants to take over the world over more 'respectable' violent content any day. As others have mentioned, the show itself isn't even that bad. Also: her normal outfit is absolutely adorable, I wish there was more fanart of her normal outfit.