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crease dress kanaria overfiltered rozen_maiden

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  • What's the relationship with Rozen maiden and computer? It's not a science fiction anime.
  • The main case of the computer is in the wrong direction, as the fans are in front.
It's Kanaria in Jun's N-field world.
You might remember that is the computer Jun always used, right from the anime.
The fans being in front was probably done on purpose to show he's in an N field. This part in the anime was crazy! I was mind blown!
I have a fan in the front of my computer case, so there's nothing wrong with it. Although mine is covered and is one large one instead of two small ones.
It's completely flat with no evidence of depth.
what's the use of the first comment if the commentator hardly knows the series?...

why fixate on that one computer while disregarding the fact that the whole place is composed of irregularly placed computers?...