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hakamada_hinata mubi_alice pantsu ro-kyu-bu! thighhighs

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I think this pic is from 夢寐ありず not form tinkle..

I heard てぃんくるのbell is left form 2 years ago..and 夢寐ありず become tinkle assistant

This why tinkle pic quality is change(actually i prefer the older style)
She's been doing most of RKB's stuff yeah.
I missed Bell tbh. Her style is just not my type (including this one).
double checked, yes, the artist should be 夢寐ありず, thanks for correction.
bell really left? Did 夢寐Alice become part of tinkle now or still just assistant?
Always the possibility that Bell will publish independently in the future, so no reason to despair too much.
I wondered why it looks all their drawings are done by Setsuna in some period, and then now some drawings look done by Mubi Alice (Only ro-kyu-bu!. I think if credit is still clearly stated as Tinkle, then it should be drawn by Setsuna). I searched it and noticed Bell got disease on his eyes two years ago.
BTW, Setsuna (he), Bell (he), Alice (she).