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censored loli masturbation naporu nopan pussy pussy_juice

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I don't know why people censer pics like
i think it's stupid!!!
... did you completely miss my previous comments on this issue? It's JAPANESE LAW, there's nothing Japanese artists can do about it unless they like the idea of being taken to court. Why do you think all Japanese eroge and ero-anime is censored as well? Because that's the law.
Really I think removing this stupid censorship law is something that should've been done after the pacific war when McArthur and co. were there. They made plenty of other changes, obviously they didn't think this one was important >_>
this is kind of a good image, i mean the drawing, the angle, that stuff... kind of.
the hand seems to be way too small, there's something wrong over there.
In some cases, it's almost better off that way--a lot of artists put rather unpleasant stuff down there, like that recent one that put a sprawling rainforest between everyone's legs ...
Yeah I tend to agree that mosaics or other censors can be a good thing. I've seen some HORRIBLE genitals by some artists and honestly the censor IMPROVES the image in those cases heh. And pubic hair is inexcusable, shaved is the way to go :D