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asasaka_meguri ass heterochromia hulotte ikegami_akane imouto_no_okage_de_mote_sugite_yabai naked nipples panty_pull shiratori_kanae thighhighs topless

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Most would argue that the single most important detail of a character is their eyes. Eyes play a critical part in their expression, mood, age, and even whether they are a good or bad character. Larger eyes depict a young, cute, or good person, and smaller eyes depict older, mature, or an evil person. A full range of expressions can be shown with eyes in the most incredible ways. And if nothing else, they contribute to the sheer beauty of the character. For these reasons, I dislike characters that have one or more eyes closed, or if the eyes are fully or partially covered by locks of hair. But in this particular image, it is very tastefully done. The heterochromia is a nice touch.