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himawari!!_~anata_dake_wo_mitsumeteru~ onii_mikoto p19 seifuku sweet_light thighhighs wallpaper

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Why is this removed? It's a monthly wallpaper released by the publisher: http://www.light.gr.jp/light/download/index.html

And it's far from being a "twitter background" wallpaper IMHO (its background is actually from a CG of the game: http://www.light.gr.jp/sweet_light/himawari/img/cg/graphic01.jpg , which means if you think the wallpaper's background is too simple, then you also believe the game CG itself is too simple at the same time).

So, please restore this ASAP, thanks.

Update - it has been restored. Thanks!
milumon said:
forum #18335
also we can get lossless cg in the game
That has nothing to do with whether it's a "twitter background" or not. And it has stuff that the game CG doesn't have on it (e.g. the quote of the heroine, her "specs", etc.).

Or you may tell that to the publisher, as this is an OFFICIAL wallpaper, NOT a fan-made art.
Very well then... If "this is just a twitter wallpaper" is the consensus of the mods, then feel free to remove it, although I still don't think it's just as simple as that (have updated my last post before your last reply).

P.S. To others: if you need to have a copy of this wallpaper, go to the official site via the link posted above and download it there ASAP, as it will be replaced around the end of this month, and won't be available for download again anymore...
I didn't see anything wrong with this post. It's just a official wallpaper, though poorly made.

It indeed includes a game cg but apparently they're very different, not to mention that cg is not even available here yet..

And it's quite different from twitter background too.
Please refrain from uploading witter wallpapers, they are usually very scarce in content. This one doesn't look like one tho.