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blood fate/prototype fate/stay_night nakahara reiroukan_misaya type-moon

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It never happened: NOBODY CAN HURT A LOLI!!!
nobody can hurt a grown female either... a human being... yet it always happens... people generally get fired up when seeing tragedy with children but they dont have the same intensity of reactions when the matter is adults (the difference is even greater when its black, trans people, not to mention prostitutes and criminals) children do have some kind of purity aura around them but what makes us think adults are so dirty and undeserving of their lives?
it really saddens me when people try to justify acts of violence because they are all so stupid, pointless, useless, destructive. nothing good will come out of violence.
ok i know its a fictional anime picture but whatever? it doesnt change the fact violence is not only worldwide spread but also deeply ingrained in our culture and people are always so quick to judge and criminalize others, as if justifying violence upon them.

and i love the picture its very touching
Well... You're a good person if it's what you think, then. Yeah, definitely.