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This is too god damn amazing ... look at the lines of the skin around her panty, then how the thighs collide together as if the legs from each side are like waves. Man this is really good piece of art. popo and rustle are my favorite by far for this type of loli art.
One of the most stunning masterpieces I've seen yet. Wonderfully painted.

Her skin is remarkably smooth and velvety. Her hair is just perfectly ruffled enough, yet luscious and silky.
The clothes she wears are very meticulous, yet delicate.
The very slight blush on her face is just perfect.
Her eyes and lips are so lovely. I love how the artist painted the eyelashes.
I absolutely love how the artist brilliantly captured the light shining into the room from the windows.
Speaking of windows, I also admire the design of the window curtains. Very gentle and free. You can envision a slight breeze in the room gently blowing on them.
And you can almost smell the fancy fabrics and the ornate wood that make up the house.
The lighting is magnificent as well.

My absolute favorite part about this artwork is how all these elements together make you feel like you are really in the room, the fancy scents of the expensive house, a slight breeze, the light shining into the room, the realistic shadowing, etc.
The atmosphere is outstanding.

It's beautifully artistic, inspiring, and especially exquisite.
The top words that come to mind when viewing this artwork: Luxurious, Sensory, Exquisite.
LolitaJoy said:
One of the most stunning masterpieces I've seen yet. Wonderfully painted.
Probably the best comment I've seen on this site.