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Wait.. Is this fully fan-made or a possible USA expansion for kancolle?
Fan-made I'm sure.

I fully endorse the intent.
Maybe they could forgive Enterprise/Yorktown if they had a cute avatar in KanColle?
But I don't think it would turn out good.
It's possible given that in the KanColle world WWII never happened and the enemies are xenophobic -who-knows-what-they-are-, so Allies ships could be potential allies.
I'd love to see them do the Hornet
They can show B25s flying off her deck
Radioactive said:
It'll be funny if http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Habakkuk turns up.
Art and food are about the only thing I like to spend money on, if they were readily/easily available I would like to buy some artbooks (not that I could afford many) :/