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bra breast_hold cameltoe cleavage open_shirt pantsu torn_clothes urushihara_satoshi

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So that's her oversized pudenda, not a trap?
ikyo said:
So that's her oversized pudenda, not a trap?
The shape is wrong for her to be a trap, and here breasts are far too large for that. Also, post #288547 clearly shows the same girl in a way that makes it clear that she's a she. And AFAIK, urushihara_satoshi never does traps (certainly, there's none from him on this site), but that is some pretty serious cameltoe that she has there.
There are chicks that have more pronounced pussies than others. No big deal. One good thing of Urushihara is that his girls' bodies always have a sort of variety: he's even done inverted nipples a few times.