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bikini cleavage cube game_cg ichinose_hotori kantoku swimsuits your_diary

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Is it me or Kantoku was better before?
I like this new character.
HelveticaStandard said:
just you.
Thank goodness xD

I said so because I was comparing post #270316 with post #171936
Just note that the coloring was by someone else working for Cube, not Kantoku.
that explains a lot, WtfCakes... Kantoku's colorings are pretty distinct and this one is more generic... IMO it's his strongest point. but he's pretty good with anatomy, pose and composition too. i don't like much the faces he draws but i think it's just my personal taste, there's nothing wrong with them. he's a great artist and keeps getting better.

Benno, an artist that was better before, IMO, is sayori. and youta is just pretty lost, poor baby keeps changing styles very quickly.
The coloring in your_diary reminds me of ikegami_akane's recent games.