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ass matsuoka_gou

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Now THIS is going beyond being just stupid, and venturing straight into being retarded.
this kind of fanservice is insulting and damaging... in so many ways... but yande.re's contents doesnt differ much from this. its good potential being wasted for twisted reasons.
im sorry, i wasnt clear enough. artists are free to express themselves however they want to. and i think being free is a healthy thing. to anyone. (as long as theres no danger to anyone)
we cant know if the artist did want to make an oversexualised gou or if it was just imposed as his job (its still kind of respectful, but..)
its too complicated to discuss fanservice and explicit artwork, i cant be short. the body culture of our times is really unhealthy to the real people. i think.
I don't know what is on your mind, but I can certainly say that sexualizing a girl in a series that panders exclusively to women wanting to see sexualized men IS retarded.
What's so especially bad about this seeing as the bulk of images on this site could be seen in a worse way?
Looking at the character tag this is pretty much the least sexualized picture of her that we have...
i think what bothered him is that this picture is oficial, azarel. and it could be considered "fan service for boys" in an anime labeled as "fan service for girls". this view upsets me a bit, since i dont see it as fanservice anime. and honestly, all this genre stereotype disgust me. its poor and limiting to everything thats produced. im sick of easy-to-digest categories and shows...
No way.
AZD-A9S said:
No way.
i don't watch free series...but...
I can't see how this picture is "sexualizing" the character.

And even if it WAS sexualizing, complaining about them showing fanservice of a female character while it's seemingly alright to sexualize the male ones is a pretty big double standard.

"Oh, these guys look sooooo hot... Wait, a girl in a compromising position? What are these sexists idiots thinking?!"

Just chill back and enjoy the thing for what it is, brothers and sisters.
Oddly enough there seems to be a decent amount of guys watching this show (not me, but this image makes me consider it, which is the point I guess), so Megami or Nyantype throwing some fan-service their way isn't overly surprising and that's what those magazines do. This is actually a very tame image hardly showing anything, especially compared to most Megami/Nyantype, so I don't see what all the bitching is about. Anybody who complains this is to ecchi has been hiding in their own little world for too long and are definitely hanging out on the wrong site.
Seems to me that OP was just being the usual hypocrite who is all for fanservice and ero but yet gets all aggressive/offended when a show like Free! does the same shit only with a different gender.
So many comments and no one said anything about the 2 left feet?
My bad. I didn't know this show was directed for females (I don't know this series). I guess this is what you call "fan service for them"...

jindo90 said:
So many comments and no one said anything about the 2 left feet?
I didn't notice it. They probably did but the main attention at that time was the comments.
Shut it down Junario.
If you can't be civil, don't comment.
All these butthurt fujoshits complaining about a little backside is high-larious.