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One of the most beautiful pictures i have seen so far, the touch of an older woman with her very elegant stockings, the curve of her feets to the the darker stocking zones where the black lines kisses her toes.

perhaps she is a sensei?
Apparently she's a physician.
I agree that her legs and feet are drawn really smoothly, but the artist did a poor job with the perspective. Look at her feet and compare them to the carpet, if I didn't know better, I would think the whole floor is curving up at the left end, and that her feet are only 2 inches off the ground. The shadows are really inconsistent and confusing.

Of course not image-ruining, but still pretty obvious and distracting. I do like the detail you went into about the design of her pantyhose, it does look nice.
Ah ok physician did you played the VN?
You are right its a bit confusing especially with the shadows, i must admit, my focus was on other points.
It would have been nice when he placed the pillow from the left corner under her feets, i think it would increase her elegance, little bit out of place the pillow.