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hulotte ikegami_akane imouto_no_okage_de_mote_sugite_yabai naked nipples shiratori_kanae thighhighs

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I'm not certain what the source is for this post, but the character poses in this post and post #296967 can be found on the official site for 叶とメグリとのその後がイチャらぶすぎてヤバイ。 This is a follow-up game to 妹のおかげでモテすぎてヤバい。, which is the current copyright tag for these posts. What's the general policy for this kind of thing - should the posts be tagged under the older or newer game?

FYI, the newer game romanized would be "kanae to meguri to no sono go ga icha-love sugite yabai". (The top-right image on the official site shows this in small text.)
No solid rule about it, but normally just use one tag (old one), like yoake_mae_yori_ruriiro_na, your_diary unless the fandisc features LOTS of new characters or became a more famous game. You can also use both on posts like this.
oh, it's "fun" disc for this one. dunno if it's intentional considering the average "English" in galgame.