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bellri_zenam gundam gundam_reconguista_in_g male matsukawa_tetsuya

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I watch the PV in youtube for this series, the style is just like Turn-A and have very good soundtracks; but wondering what's the storyline is about?
Something big happening to this image recently

Given some of the pictorials that have appeared in Newtype and similar publications, seeing a guy here in that pose makes the picture feel kinda trap-ish… ^^;;
Lua said:
Should gundam_reconguista_in_g be changed to gundam_g_no_reconguista to keep the Japanese naming?
Should be changed to gundam_g_me_gusta insteaded. lolz

I heard that there will be an English official name announced later, but my opinion said should be changed to the Japanese official name first before the announcement begun.