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armor bleed_through dark_angel_olivia dress raw_scan screening shingeki_no_bahamut sword tachikawa_mushimaro thighhighs wings

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If someone can post a descreening solution, that would be helpful. I can use PS or Matlab to batch process the other pages.

filesize and resolution -> can be reduced after
such a huge PNG file really shocks me
Silent_180 said:
such a huge PNG file really shocks me
me too
although the png is 179 mb , but it is damn beautiful
I assume it's because of the file size, but can't download it. Even tried copying the image; doesn't work. Can you post a mediafire link or something like that please?
right-click, save link as works for me. Maybe your internet connection is getting interrupted midway?

With raw scans don't forget to add them to the raw scans pool and hide from the index. They're not fit to show to the general public until processed.
170+ for a single picture ... is not worth it.
probably some hidden files in the pic...
BeNi said:
probably some hidden files in the pic...
Doubt it. They can be pretty large.