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Hey...Is it okay to sleep together?
breasts g_scream lingerie love_live! minami_kotori nipples no_bra pantsu pubic_hair see_through thighhighs

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So much head-changes, g scream e.e'...
yes... i especially miss his old coloring... post #126648 and post #189143 are examples... were probably my favorite style of coloring among all mangaka... too bad. urotan disappeared, my other fav mangakas change styles weirdly (i want to cry because of miwa yoshikazu, carnelian and tinkle..). unlucky hahaha. one of the few who rly improved is happoubi jin (and oyari ashito) but we get almost nothing from them...
but, for the recent submissions of g scream, i think this one is the best.
I love the expressions the artist gives to his characters. That and his shading. This post is a pretty good example. Though my favorite has to be post #276501 and post #302738.