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animal_ears christmas cleavage dress nekomimi stockings tail thighhighs yunagi_amane

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I've not gotten the payment for Anxentwear Headphones Pink edition! And am sure she
is biting me for not beeing able to explore the World like she wants me to! Giggle wiggle! Crawly's other six eyes try to like me! Greetings from Jim!
Not sure if this is spam or not......... there have been weirder posts in the comments that weren't.
Able to respond! Sure! In love! Don't cry!
Jimmey said:
Able to respond! Sure! In love! Don't cry!
Lol is this a Google translation failure?
3 o'Clock in the morning! A Human is writing here!
Ever tried to be in love with Anime or Painted Girls? Don't answer if abot seeking love! Please use your voice with real peaople! "A" :)