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Getting tired of this artist. Every time I see one of these thumbnails I get all pumped up because more kantoku but in the end it's all a huge disappointment...
animefan01 said:
... but in the end it's all a huge disappointment...
I think I have to disagree. I am liking this artist's work and am interested to see how they'll grow in to their own style. Everyone starts somewhere, and usually by copying a style they like.
Somehow the way you said leads me to wonder if the disappointment is due to the image not being tagged as kantoku rather than any fault in the image itself. That being said, I've so far been able tell from the image itself that it's not kantoku. Can't tell from just the thumbnail though.

Not a bad picture but somehow quite lacking in some aspect that I'm unable to name. It's a difference in the overall feel of the image, not style as such.
the disappointment itself is not caused by the quality of the picture, it's just the fact that kantoku isn't posting new works that's saddening.
Kantoku was occupied with the last work on CUBE, but he released something on the Comic Market i think...

Also, i agree with Gibwar, this guy has talented. And, actually he has his style based on Kantoku, but will be interesting see him grow with a own style someday.