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This was a hard one to clean as details fought with 'schmutz' for inclusion while patterns were removed. If someone wants it enough, I'm willing to upload the raw png (~90MB), but I didn't even know who these characters were. Is that leviathan's daughter on the right? Oh well.
To whoever tagged it..."erect nipples", maybe, "nipple_outline", but seriously, such an erection would definitely stand out more.

Now that I think about it, that type of 'top' (that scoops the breasts together and supports them with the column of buttons that might remind one of a corset (at least in style/shape, if not actual tightness).

Never gonna find that in mainstream US stores... too provocative, the way it scoops, supports and gathers to create cleavage...

The skirts (w/o the lace) look almost identical to the cheerleader skirts @my high school...