animal_ears ass breasts bunny_ears bunny_girl cameltoe heels loli nekomimi nipples no_bra nopan pantyhose sorimura_youji tail thighhighs

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i guess this is the most ridiculous thing ive seen
Definitely weird. The drawing style is good overall, so I'd like to like it, but those proportions...
if we start questioning what artists do i guess almost everything would be put in check. i am especially bothered by g scream's huge pixiv logs of gangraping. its like a different person took place from the usual. perhaps thats what he truly enjoys to depict for some reason we dont understand well, but he also needs the common works to get going by the audience or something. it might be a marketing strategy. or not. its hard to understand whats going on their mind, really. if its simply for sex and fetish then im really disappointed, for something so vile and shallow to be made. even if its made with that purpose, though, we arent prohibited to give it this extra meaning, this other dimension. it is not only on itself but also on us. when it comes down to it, im all in for artistic freedom. censorship is a form of ignorance. to better know something you must discuss and learn about it. so yeah lolis with boobs. interesting. i love the cute and soft face sorimura youji is making, too. very healing.
Debbie-chwan~! Paragraphs girl. It helps sometimes.
I did read it though, heh heh. I agree with your points there.

You know what? I forgot something.

Not all breasted lolis are bad. There are way better ones than these two shown here.

Take these two for example: Shinonome Nozomu & Kiryuuin Rindou.
(Nozomu the silly one {going by WtfCakes}: post #222004 / Rindou the masochist: post #304303)
They are sweet~!
Just my opinion.